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  • holyfood

    Awesome recipes .. for vegeterians have one recipe. Mycoprotein Veggie Wrap Add ingredients until it looks right for your family. You can also vary ingredients to suit your tastes. Mycoprotein has a mild mushroom flavor. We think this is a tasty combo: * Chopped: mycroprotein loaf, red radishes, cucumber, orange peppers [on sale after Thanksgiving, who knew?] * Clipped parsley [window sill gardens are a wonderful thing!] * Shredded fresh parmesan. * Wrap in red lettuce leaves * Wrap in spinach flatbread. I used Lawash Garden Spinach. They are made in Dearborn, MI, so reasonably local producer working with a local distributer and sold in local non-chain grocery store. We like the texture of Lawash flatbreads. * Options: i. arugula in place of red lettuce. ii. chives or thyme instead of parsley iii. add garlic or shallots for more recipes please click here http://holy-food.org/

    on Black Honey Salmon Skewers & Citrus-Clove Rice
  • nikkicorazon

    Even better if you use Spanish ham, aka jamon iberico de bellota rather than the normal ham, try and you will love it!!! Check more about iberico ham at http://buyjamon.com

    on Manchego & Serrano Crostini
  • nourishingdavid

    Chicken tetrazzini...**slobber**

    on Millionaire Mac & Cheese
  • wilsfresh

    This is the first time I've made this, but I tried sourdough and French breads. I preferred the sourdough, but then I'm a sourdough kind of guy.

    on Salt Whip
  • redwood5

    I'll have to try this the next time I have heavy cream left over. Is there any kind of bread you recommend to go with it?

    on Salt Whip