Blanket with food on it

Toes in the Sand and Snacks in Hand

A day at the beach is one of the highlights of every summer. On especially hot days, there's nothing better than alternating between lying on a towel on the sand and cooling off in the water. With a long day in the sun, you and your kids will probably be very hungry. Plus, how can the fun be complete without some hunger quenchers and munch-worthy snacks? But, what foods should you pack for the beach? These fun ideas for beach food will ensure you have plenty to eat throughout the day!

Ideal Beach Food

Packing for the beach is not as easy as packing food for a picnic at the park. There are a few conditions at the beach like the sun, the sand and the breeze, that make for a bit of inconvenience. You must take extra care to pack so that these factors cause the minimum possible trouble during your meals.

So, the best foods you pack for the beach would be:

  • Handy.
  • Hydrating.
  • Cooler-friendly.
  • Dry and less messy.
  • Covered.
  • Easy to eat with minimal touch.

Easy Examples of Beach Food

Here are a few ideas for snacks and meals you can prepare for a beach trip, along with some techniques to help you pack them for easy handling.

Wrap It Up

While sandwiches have always been a beach staple, wraps are a much better choice. With a well-packaged wrap, you can unwrap bit by bit while you eat, thus keeping most of it unexposed to the elements at a beach. Moreover, holding a wrap eliminates the need to worry a lot about your hands getting messy, making it a great option for kids.

Along with a filling wrap for your main meal, wrap up some cucumbers, carrots and peppers in a large lettuce leaf and pack it in a piece of foil for a nice, mess-free salad wrap. And because cucumbers, lettuce and other salad vegetables have a high water content, they’ll keep you hydrated — a real necessity on a sunny day at the beach.

Crusty-Bread Sandwiches

If you prefer classic sandwiches, try making them with slices of crusty bread to prevent them from becoming soggy. Spread them with peanut butter or a nice dip of your choice like hummus to pack some nutrition into them.


Whole fruit is a better way to enjoy your fruit without being put off by sandy fingers in the box of cut fruit. Apples, peaches, plums and nectarines are good choices. Bananas are probably the best for minimal mess.

Oranges are also fun to peel and eat as you while away at the beach. They are hydrating and full of vitamin C, which helps to minimize damage caused by harsh sun rays.

If cut fruits are your preference, pack them in a box but do not forget some toothpicks or plastic forks to eat them with.

Fruit skewers are great hands-free beach party foods. Prepare the skewers at home and pack them in your cooler. Hand them over when the kids are tired — they’ll enjoy a cooling, hydrating and refreshing snack.

Vegetable Sticks with a Dip

Like fruits, vegetable sticks are great for boosting your hydration. Pack cucumber, carrot and celery sticks, along with dips like hummus.

Pita Pockets

Pita pockets filled with tabbouleh, couscous, hummus or even quinoa make for filling and nutritious snacks.


Pasta is delicious even when it is cold. Plus, it is a favorite among kids. Portion the pasta and pack it in individual disposable foil packs. Be sure to take enough plastic forks with you. This makes for an easy snack or meal and requires minimal cleanup.

Something to Munch

The main meal on the beach is not all that satisfying. Munching on little snacks while watching the water and the kids playing in the sand brings another level of enjoyment. So, do pack chips, popcorn, spiced cashew nuts and the like.

Cookies /Granola Bars

These make handy desserts. For a hands-free version, why not try baking cookies on sticks for kids?


It is crucial to stay hydrated, especially on a hot day at a beach. So, do not forget to pack lots of water and other beverages in your cooler. Try homemade lemonade for a refreshing option — freeze it before packing it in your cooler to keep it cold for longer. Avoid alcohol, though, as it can dehydrate you.

Have a Fun-Filled Beach Day!

Next time you pack for a day at the beach, think about hydrating foods that are easy to pack, easy to hold and easy to eat!

Of course, you can grab an ice cream from the store at the beach. But, eating at the beach can be healthy, nutritious and above all, easy, with just a bit of careful planning and packing.

You’ll soon have favorite snacks to munch on at the beach and tasty memories attached to beach days!

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