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  • josephinepang

    Hi Sinar, I tried yr recipe before but my kuih turn out to be very hard... not soft and not chewy. but i used many different colors. Could it be the coloring make it hard??? I looked at yr pic it looks chewy n something like bengawan solo. Please enlighten me. Thanks. Josephine

    on Kueh Lapis Nyonya
  • miller

    i just made it. it was so easy and ingredients always in pantry self. thanks a lot. i always wonder how to make it because the one that sold in asian grocery arent so nice.i ll try your another recipe next week.

    on Onde-onde Palm Sugar
  • bellastone

    Congrats! Your recipe has been chosen for Nibbledish's Facebook Group!

    on Beef Puree Curry
  • sinarsuria

    Su, Maybe over steam.If that so,poke a bit on the surface with a fine stick b4 next layer.

    on Kueh Lapis Nyonya
  • sinarsuria

    salam sis, Split Green Pigeon Peas (Green Tuar Dal) sold at little india.

    on Angkoo Kue