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  • elaineli04

    this is a recipe i've been looking for years :)

    on Spicy Crab
  • daworldisblack

    mmmmm.chhili crab! This is similar to my receipe...i add some Oyster Sauce as well.. gives extra flavour :)

    on Spicy Crab
  • bibzz

    drooling mmmmm

    on Spicy Crab
  • sgtoca

    judy - thanks. chimp - glad you tried it. hope it was too labour intensive. a regular works just as well :)

    on Facile Coq Au Vin
  • chimp

    i made this last night, although i didnt have a dutch oven, so i just made it all in a pan. it was still amazing! thank you

    on Facile Coq Au Vin