Easy Mango icecream Recipe

Easy Mango icecream


1.Mango pulp - 1 can (it comes only in 1 size)

2.condensed milk - 1 can

3.cool whip cream- 1 box (1L) or any other cold whipping cream

4.mango cut into - 1 cup


How to make Easy Mango icecream

Blend (1,2,3)in a mixie until smooth like a

milkshake then add the mango pieces and

freeze it...trust me the most delicious

mango icecream is ready...

  • winnie
    winnie says

    It's Pure Goodness~ I think i'll go buy the ingredients and make it right away!

  • dubow
    dubow says

    This looks simple and delicious, and I would really like to try making it... Can you give more specific quantities? Whats the volume of the 'can' and the 'box'? Thanks!

  • Winkyboy
    Winkyboy says

    @dubow - You could approximate. I make a mango ice cream regularly, a different recipe which I'll add myself sometime, but it's really something designed "to taste". Very hard to screw up, which makes it so good.

  • Shishio
    Shishio says

    ^¬^ mmmm yuummy!!!!

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