Red snapper on the grill Recipe

Red snapper on the grill


1 Red Snapper, whole (~400g).1 Handful of fresh rosemary.1 Handful of fresh dill.1 Carrot1 Green onion
Olive oil, salt, pepper, aluminum foil.

How to make Red snapper on the grill

Clean the fish, remove the scales and insides.
Do some cuts from top to bottom, about an inch apart, along the body of the fish, careful on not hitting the bones.
On the sides of the fish, sprinkle some olive oil generously sprinkle salt and pepper, make sure some gets in the cuts.
Sprinkle salt and pepper on the cavity of the fish where the guts were.
Put the rosemary in the cavity.
Slice the carrot and put about 1/3 of it inside after the rosemary.

Put about the same amount of dill as rosemary.
Finally half-heartedly chop the green onion (stem and all) and put about 1/3 of it after the dill.
Add some olive oil after the onion and sprinkle salt and pepper.
On a nice big piece of aluminum foil, sprinkle some olive oil and make a small bed of the same ingredients used to stuff the fish, 1/3 of the dill, rosemary, carrots, and onion.
Rest the fish on top of the bed and (optionally) top the fish with the same bed.
Wrap in aluminum foil and place on the grill, about 20 minutes per side, depending on size of the fish and heat of the grill.

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