Choi sum goma-ae (chinese greens with sesame sauce Recipe

Choi sum goma-ae (chinese greens with sesame sauce

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1/2 bunch of choi sum

2 Tbs toasted sesame seeds ground with a mortar and pestle
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tbs dashi
splash of yuzu juice

How to make Choi sum goma-ae (chinese greens with sesame sauce

See this post at for full story.

Steam or boil the choi sum until bright green (about 1-2 minutes). Rinse under cold water and squeeze out any excess water.

While you could cheat and use instant dashi since you only need a little, I was making something else so I made my dashi with niboshi (dried baby sardines) and shitake mushrooms. If you want to make a veggie dashi, use extra shitake with some onions.

For the sauce, just mix the last 5 ingredients together and pour over the steamed veggies.

  • toast
    toast says

    Is it cool to post recipe teasers here linking out to another recipe site? Am I missing something?

  • spongefile
    spongefile says

    I don't find this a teaser since the full recipe is here on OSF--the stuff behind the link is just the recipe again plus backstory, ie how I came to make this, what I was thinking about, etc. It's coming close to a line, but isn't crossing it. My 0.02€...

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