Deep Fried Hot Banana Pepper Chips Recipe

Deep Fried Hot Banana Pepper Chips


  • Banana peppers
  • String
  • Vegetable oil

How to make Deep Fried Hot Banana Pepper Chips

  1. Freshly grown peppers from the garden work great. The best ones to use are long and thin ones like banana peppers (not sure if a bell pepper would work since they're quite thick). Wash them throughly.
  2. Drying out the peppers is easy. You can either hang them by a string and let them sit for a month while they shrivel up and harden or place them in a fruit dehydrator and do it over night. When the peppers turn all wrinkly and are stiff they're ready to deep fry.
  3. Cut the tops off and clean out all the seeds inside. I usually cut down the middle a ways so I can get at the seeds easily. Make sure to wash your hands after handling the peppers. I've made the mistake of rubbing my eyes and burning the hell out of them. Ouch.
  4. Deep fry for a second—stick them in pull them out. They will burn really fast so you have to be quick. They'll smooth right out once they hit the oil.
  5. Set them on some paper towels to dry and cool down.
  6. Ready to eat. Munch munch munch.

If you make a bunch at one time you can place the left overs in a brown paper bag and seal them in the microwave. The microwave works well as storage since they won't come into contact with much air and will remain crispy longer.

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