Beefsteak Recipe



Diced steak

Buying the ingredient has a hard time because any shop is crowded because it is consecutive holidays. Considering should the ingredient always go for the purchase after it decides it in the menu of the supper and today though decides making it to Core?Today..crowd..inside..diced steak..meat..catch one's eye..for the time being..crowd.


How to make Beefsteak

Well because of even probably liking it. It was good in itself. How to burn and I excellent are good of meat that confines gravy.
Because there was no brandy, it is gin and Bowar though Bowar in the brandy at the end. I thought that anything was good if Bowar was able to be done. It reflects now.

The putting suiting is Grasse and a grated radish of the grass and the carrot that cannot be thrown out. The flavor quite remained and the delicious dish though the carrot was boiled by using black sugar.

- The bubble has disappeared while taking it though it ..photograph.. reflects.
It never drank.

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