Two Days Before Payday Pasta Recipe

Two Days Before Payday Pasta


Pasta of your choice.

Pasta sauce leftovers.

Salad dressing.



Seasonings, sunflower seeds, cheetos, bacon bits, etc for flavor

How to make Two Days Before Payday Pasta

I boiled half of a 16oz. bag of HEB Garden Shells for 14 minutes, until the texture was right for me.

It cooked to make two bowls full of pasta.

To one of them I added the last 1/4 cup of canned alfredo, which I preheated by microwaving it with a good dash of the Italian seasoning for flavor.

The other bowl got about an 1/8 cup of the poppyseed dressing, a whole diced roma tomato, some diced cucumber, and a healthy portion of toasted sunflower seeds from whole foods.

I call it, two days before payday pasta.


Question from the Chef

“Where does chocolate milk come from? Chocolate cows?”

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