turkey spam musubi Recipe

turkey spam musubi


turkey spam




soy sauce



How to make turkey spam musubi

have you tried turkey spam? well... if your a fan of spam, you should definitely try it. alot better for you than spam LITE, and alot alot alot better for you than regular spam.

** i added onions after finding that the first batch had very little flavor... not sure if thats ok to do but it was very tasty

1... cook/heat rice

2... heat pan and add soysauce, mirin and equal (sugar)

3... when it starts to boil a little, add slices of spam with little slices of onions

4... after the spam is browned, lay seaweed, then rice, then spam then onion

(this is assuming if you have the spam musubi maker. i didnt so i used the spam can... cut a hole through the other side and pressed it down with a spoon!! it is hard so i decided i should purchase a maker)

5... shape and wrap

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