baby bok choy Recipe

baby bok choy


baby bok choy




How to make baby bok choy

Uh, isn't this too easy to have up?

Yes... but I'm a cooking newbie and even this is considered a dish for me. (haha)

I'm actually not sure what the correct way of preparing this but this is how I have been making it...

1... heat pan (I dont add oil...)

2... break off bok choy while washing. I dump the stem, but not sure if I'm suppose to.

3... add bok choy to pan and add the chopped garlic on top.

4... when its not hard but not too soft, take off from heat. add ground pepper.

at first I wasn't sure if I needed to add oil but because of the water content, it seemed it didn't need it. I try not to use oil if I don't need to...

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