Turtle jello! Not for humans! :) Recipe

Turtle jello! Not for humans! :)


1 cup of pureed veggies 

2 tbs ground turtle pellets (reptomin, mazuri, etc.) 

1 tbs calcium power OR ground cuttlebone 

1 cup boiling water 

1/2 cup cool water or cool tuna juice. 

2 packets Knox Unflavored gelatin 

garnish: Turtle treats, dried krill

How to make Turtle jello! Not for humans! :)

So I got this recipe from a forum on this wonderful site, www.redearslider.com, and this amazing jello allows you to make sure that your turtle is getting the proper amount of vegetables and calcium. I wanted to share this because turtles can be pretty picky when it comes to their vegetables. There's a long list of fruits and vegetables suitable for turtles, however; only green/red leaf lettuce, turnip greens, and dandelion greens are the only ones recommended for everyday. I only use those greens so i can better control their intake of the unhealthy fruits and vegetables. I just offer the other fruits and vegetables as "treats." One last thing about turtle diets. Try to find salt/lower sodium tuna fish and try not to use the actual tuna. Just use the water the tuna is canned in. The tuna could have high amounts of salt and it could be a bit too much protein for your turtle and your turtle could become very sick. 


Alright, enough about turtle diets. First, In a bowl mix the first 3 ingredients on the list until well blended. Add the two packets of knox gelatin to the cool water and stir for 1 minute. Let sit while the water boils. Add the cool water with gelatin to the boiling water and stir until the gelatin has dissolved. Pour the geltain mixture into the bowl of veggie mix. Stir until blended and portion into ice cube tray molds. Finish by sprinkling krill on top of the mixture. Place in your fridge and allow them to set. 

Once they have set, pull them out of the mold by using a tooth pick and cut them in half or fourths (depending on the size of your turtle). Place pieces in rows on a cookie sheet and freeze. once frozen, portion into plastic containers. Serve frozen. Makes about 64 servings. 

TIP: you can make a bunch of the pureed veggie mix/pellets in advance and freeze them in 1 cup increments. then just defrost, add water and gelatin and you're good to go! 

Question from the Chef

“What's your favorite kind of turtle? :)”

  • ccoliva
    ccoliva says

    i have baby turtles and they dont eat anything. I tried the jello shots and still nothing. I try and feed them every day and nothing ugh. Can someone tell me how to prepare Jello shots for 6-8 month old turtle? PLEASE i need the help.

  • hoojib88
    hoojib88 says

    Baby turtles do not like vegetables they're mostly carnivorous as babies! This jello is designed to start introducing fruits and vegetables to turtles that are picky. Here's a website I most of my turtle knowledge from www.redearslider.com Also make sure you have a water heater and the water is at 76 degrees. Baby turtles need warmer water than mature turtles. If the water is too cold they could get sick and die. Also make sure the water is deep enough so if they flip over on their backs they do not drown and they need land to bask on with a heat lamp and a UVB full spectrum bulb. There's a lot to know about proper turtle care! It's difficult and sometimes turtles are just picky and I have no idea! I have a turtle in an amazing set up with everything he needs and he still doesn't eat or bask or even swim often. I'm at a total loss!

  • ccoliva
    ccoliva says

    yea i have the turtle topper with all the proper lights, heater at 78 fluval 305, and they are in a 55 gallon tank lol. WIth air air bubbles and everything. Its a great site. I've had turtle before but never had this problem. I never had baby turtles tho. What should i do ?

  • hoojib88
    hoojib88 says

    Gosh I don't know. Last time I had baby turtles was when I was little and I had 6 of them in a small 10 gallon tank with gravel, rocks as basking areas, no heater, no lights, a small filter, and I fed them only zoo med turtle pellets. I had them for a year or so no complications and I ended up releasing them in the pond out side... :-/ yeah everything bad. I am having the same problem with my stupid Map Turtle! I hate him because he will not act normal! Try soaking their turtle pellets in tuna juice and then feed them to your babies. Maybe that will work! I have not done that with my turtle I'm doing the tough love approach. I've had him for over 2 years and I'm over his shenanigans. Join to forum @ redearslider.com some of them know their stuff! Ask a vet if you're really worried.

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