Pork in Tamarind Soup (Sinigang) Recipe

Pork in Tamarind Soup (Sinigang)


-3/4 kilo pork good for stewing

-40 g. tamarind soup base

-3 small tomatoes

-1 medium onion

-a bunch of water spinach (kangkong)

-a bunch of winged beans

-1 medium size white radish

-a couple of taro root

-5 1/2 cups of water

-long green chili

-salt to taste

** The amount of the veggies really depends on your liking. Put as much as you want or omit what you don't like.

How to make Pork in Tamarind Soup (Sinigang)

  1. Pick the leaves of the water spinach and the soft stem part. Peel and slice the radish diagonally. Slice the winged beans in the same manner. Peel the taro root and slice into half. Slice tomatoes and onion.

  2. Boil the pork in water. Season with a little bit of salt and cook until tender.

  3. Add in the tamarind soup base, onions and tomatoes. Drop the taro root as it takes quite some time to cook. Let it cook for about 10 minutes.

  4. Add in the radish. Cook for roughly about 7 minutes.

  5. Add in the winged beans and the stem of the water spinach. Cook till done for a few minutes. The moment their color turns to bright green it should be done.

  6. Snap the chili in half and drop into the stock. Then add lastly the leaves of the water spinach. As soon as it wilts, your sinigang is done and ready to serve.

  • Panda5
    Panda5 says

    whoa..this looks delicious!

  • honeygurl
    honeygurl says

    thanks for the comment panda. ^_^

  • mskatiekat
    mskatiekat says

    Oh my I LOVE SINIGANG! I cooked the shrimp version a while back. Must cook it again! Thanks for the recipe!

  • honeygurl
    honeygurl says

    love d shrimp one too! ^_^

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