Chile Rellenos o diga Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Chile Rellenos o diga Stuffed Peppers


• approx 2-3 per person Green Chile (fresh), or Anaheim peppers, pretty much any pepper that's fresh, green, kinda waxy and about 6-8''   (some turn red as they ripen, be on the look out for these multi-colored peppers to discover their sweet, spicy, multi-faceted taste)
•2 plastic grocery bags and a bit of paper towel
•Cheese (M. Jack or Chedda etc.)
•pinch o salt
•canola oil for frying

•1/2 cup flour
•cup milk
•1/4 cup pancake mix, biscuik, or biscuit mix

How to make Chile Rellenos o diga Stuffed Peppers

start with mixing up the batter. combine ingredients well and throw it in the fridge. remember: you'll be dipping the finished chiles in this, so pick a fairly deep and wide bowl for the batter. letting the batter chill makes it more "adhesive" to the chiles.

roast chiles. if you have a grill, fire it up. if not, move on to the broiler and make sure you have a pair of tongs and hot pads to fend for yourself in the inferno. on the grill (med. heat) place chiles straight on the metal. if using the oven, make sure it is set to broil and set the chiles on a pad of aluminum foil or a cookie sheet.  keep turning the chiles until the skin begins to blister and a nice even charred look encompasses each chile. it's similar to the art of roasting marshmallows. too much: yuck, too little: boring. so don't worry, let them char and turn a mottled black and green. once to this stage immediately toss the chiles in double grocery bag with paper towel folded on the bottom. tie up the bag tightly  (steaming them now) and set it aside.

in the meantime. cut cheese into strips that would fit easily inside each chile. usually about 1/2"x4"

peeling and prepping chiles. after about 15-20 chiles are ready to peel. if roasted correctly the skin should pinch right off. don't remove the stems of the chiles. try to keep the peeled chile intact.

next, cut a slit in the bottom of each chile and carefully insert cheese. this takes considerable mindfulness. if done correctly there should only be small opening in the tip of the chile and the rest intact.

roll each relleno lightly in flour

fry time. heat up 1 inch of oil or fat (traditional) and throw a test globule of the batter in. if it sizzles politely and turns golden brown it is time to start frying these rellenos. Carefully dip one chile at a time in the batter and rest it in the hot oil/fat. Flip when the underside begins to golden-brownify.

Let rellenos rest on a bed of paper towels and then serve with something along the lines of black beans and spanish rice. garnish with salsa, shredded lettuce and tomato chunks if you're going for the gold.

Question from the Chef

“what else would be a good side dish w/ this recipe?”

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