French Crepe Recipe

French Crepe


Sweet Crepe

2/3 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
4 eggs
2/3 cup milk
1 tbsp rum
Cooking oil

Salty Crepe

2/3 cup flour
1 tsp salt
4 eggs
2/3 cup milk
Cooking oil

(Each recipe makes 7-8 batters in 21 cm flat pan.)
Lemon Sauce30g butter1 lime3 tsp sugar1 tsp rum
(To make sauce, mix them together and sit over low heat until all dissolved.)

How to make French Crepe

Utensils: a large bowl, a spoon, a measure cup, a big spoon, a big flat pan

To mix batter

1. Mix flour with sugar or salt in a bowl
2. Put one egg at a time in the middle of the bowl, use a small spoon to beat an egg.  Do not try to mix egg with all flour, just stir in the middle with the spoon until they are mixed well.  Then put another egg, repeat the same process for each egg, one at a time, until all mixed well.
3. Put 1/3 cup of milk and stir well then put another 1/3 and stir well.
4. (For the sweet crepe, put rum and stir)

To make crepe

1. Turn on a moderately high heat, grease the pan with cooking oil (I use kitchen towel to wipe the oil), put the pan on, and wait till heat up
2. Use a large spoon to put batter mix in the pan to make a thin layer of crepe.  (You might have to try to work out the right amount for your pan.)
3. Wait for some 30 seconds, keep checking its color.  If it looks right, then turn and wait for some 30 seconds or 1 minute.
4. Repeat the process, occasionally grease pan with cooking oil


Sweet crepe is good with chocolate sauce, lemon sauce, maple syrup, strawberry jam, nutella, vanilla icecream, banana, sugar and cinnamon

Salty crepe is good with churizo and ham, with cheese (of your choice) and some spread of your choice such as sweet onion. 
For the salty one, I use 2 batters, put other ingredients while one batter is in the pan, wait a bit till cheese melted then put another batter on top.

  • Maisovs
    Maisovs says

    wow i make these alot and i love them try some estonian food

  • Maisovs
    Maisovs says

    for sweet crape try adding vanilla

  • b97369
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    Thank you. I'll try it tomorrow.

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    I'm on a crepe craze. Will definitely make today!

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