Cruncheesewey Recipe


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  • "Three-blend cheese" on a flat, un-fried "Chalupa" / "Sierra" bread, placed in a hot steamer and steamed like a "cheese roll"
  • A hardshell taco
  • Any additional ingredients (Ranch, Sour Cream, Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce, Whatever)

How to make Cruncheesewey

I did not invent this recipe. Co-worker gave me the idea and I've been eating it every day since.

Order this at Taco Johns. Place the "Cheese Chalupa" around the hardshell taco as if it were a Taco Bravo*.

What goes inside the hardshell taco is up to you (you can put anything from pico de gallo to jalapeƱos in it), but the outside is very important and represents the entire point of the taco.

Ask for "A cheese roll, but instead of a softshell tortilla, just use a flat, un-fried chalupa shell. And instead of cheddar cheese, use three-blend cheese." If they don't have three-blend cheese, then blacklist them and find a new Taco Johns to eat at from now on.

*If you don't know what a Taco Bravo is, then ask the person at the counter, as you are currently standing in a Taco Johns. If they do not know what a Taco Bravo is, then take the following steps:

(1) Do not panic. (2) You are not in a Taco Johns store. (3) Get in your car and drive around until you see a large sign that says "Taco Johns" on it.

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