Tropical Salmon Three Ways Recipe

Tropical Salmon Three Ways



600 gm       Norway Salmon

100 gm       Granulated Sugar

100 gm       Fine Salt

40 gm         Lemongrass

20 gm         Fennel Seed

20 gm         Coriander Seed

10 gm         Star Anise

20 gm         Cinnamon Stick

50 gm         Shredded Dehydrated Coconut

20 ml          Vodka

10 ml          Malibu

1 pc            Lemon- In Juice

1 pc            Lime- In Juice

20 gm         Ginger

3 pc            Tomatoes

6 pc            Green Asparagus

100 ml        Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml        Fish Stock

Salt and Pepper- To Taste

100 ml        White Wine

50 gm         Spring Onions


10 gm         Shallots

5 gm           Garlic

12 pc          Lime leaves

Reduced Balsamic Vinegar

Ginger- Mango Coulis

How to make Tropical Salmon Three Ways

Cut the Salmon in 3/3, 2/3 and keep raw.

1.  1/3 for Marinate Salmon Tartar:

Mix the granulated sugar, salt and the chopped lemongrass, the fennel, coriander seeds, star anise, cinnamon stick and shredded dehydrated coconut. Sprinkle a little salt on bottom, place salmon with skin down, cover upper part with rest of marinate mix, add Vodka and Malibu. Cover and keep refrigerated for 6 hrs.

After, when ready. Wash salt away under clear running water and dry for other 12 hrs.

2.  2/3 for Salmon Carpaccio: with instead marinade

Mix lemon and lime juice, add chopped ginger, shallots, garlic, salt and pepper, finish with extra virgin olive oil. Peel Tomatoes and cut into a small dice; blanch the asparagus and cut in slices.

3.  3/3 for Poached Salmon:

Poaching Bouillon: mix flavorful fish stock, with white wine, add half cut lemongrass, few slices of ginger, shallots, spring onion;

Poach slowly until the Salmon reaches 68 C° (or 154 F°)


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  • jerukbali
    jerukbali says

    the tartar sounds tempting with coconut flakes, wonder the texture melting in the mouth ...I've tried one with something like creamed cheese

  • saint
    saint says

    That's beautiful. Intimidating to think about doing in my kitchen, but beautiful.

  • meghan
    meghan says

    that looks so fantastic, well done :)

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