Chinese BBQ Recipe

Chinese BBQ


This is easy. All you need is 2 days of marination. Other than that, the oven does all the work.

* 3 lbs pork loin * 1 bottle of Chinese BBQ sauce * 1 tbsp of chopped garlic

How to make Chinese BBQ

這好簡單歐. 烤箱做了所有的功.

* 3磅豬瘦肉 * 1罐叉燒醬 * 1大匙蒜泥
  1. 在肉上切一些深的傷口. 抹上叉燒醬及蒜泥. 醃2天.
  2. 烤190度. 1小時
  • minpig
    minpig says

    Thank you for the GREAT recipe :D My review ;)

  • shirayuki
    shirayuki says

    Looks yummy! Sounds simple to make too :)

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