Vanilla Soy Pummelo Delight Recipe

Vanilla Soy Pummelo Delight


  • Half of a pummelo
  • about 1/4 cup organic vanilla soy milk
  • mint leaves (optional) (for garnish, I didn't use it)

How to make Vanilla Soy Pummelo Delight

Ok, I admit that this is not really a "recipe", but something I put together when I had a major sweet tooth but did not want to indulge. But indulge I did! Pummelo is so yum! If you've never tried pummelo, it's like a sweet grapefruit. I would suggest you to try it alone first and then try it with my recipe. :) The sweetness of the vanilla soy milk really balances the tangy citrus taste of the pummelo. So good.

  1. Cut out the meat of the pummelo only.

  2. Place in a cute lil glass cup if you got one.

  3. Put just enough soy milk to cover the pummelo.

  4. Swoosh it around a little and let it soak up the vanilla flavor for like 30 seconds.

  5. Take a tiny fork and indulge. :)

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