Japanese & British Fusion - Bacon Sandwich Recipe

Japanese & British Fusion - Bacon Sandwich

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2-4 Rashers of Bacon
2 Slices of Bread
Sansyo Pepper
Tonkatsu Sauce

How to make Japanese & British Fusion - Bacon Sandwich

Heres my first recipe,
Its my Japanese fusion Bacon sandwich,
When i think of a Bacon sandwich it brings to mind the image of a fat builder in a greasy Cafe eating a bacon sandwich which is 10% Meat,45% Fat and 45% Brown sauce,
Here is my Japanese fusion of the British Classic:

1.Place the Rashers of bacon under the grill,
2.Grill for about 20-30 seconds,
3.Sprinkle the Sansyo over the bacon,
4.Grill on the same side until just before it starts to brown,Turn over,
5.On this side drizzle the Shoyu and blot any pools with kitchen paper,
6.Grill until its begins to brown & crisp,
7.Turn over and grill the other side until brown,
8.Remove from gill and place on slice of bread pour over the Tonkatsu sauce in a zig-zag pattern for full flavor,
9.Slice in half horizontally not diagonal(It is British),
10. Serve and Enjoy with a proper milky Tea or to keep with the fusion a very light & refreshing Sencha.

Hope you guys enjoy :)
Sorry about the pic i couldn't find the proper camera so i had to use the vid cam.

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