Gateau piment (chilli cakes) Recipe

Gateau piment (chilli cakes)

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  • 200g yellow split peas
  • 1 bunch shallots (spring onions) (finely chopped)
  • 1 bunch coriander (finely chopped)
  • chillies (finely chopped)
  • 1 tsp salt

  • Oil for deep frying

How to make Gateau piment (chilli cakes)

This is a very popular deep fried snack in Mauritius. Nice and crunchy eaten on its own, also delicious in hot crusty bread with butter.

  1. Wash the split peas and soak overnight.
  2. Drain, blend, not too finely.
  3. Add shallots, coriander and salt. Mix well.
  4. Make small balls, flatten it with your palm and make a small hole in the middle (like a doughnut).
  5. Heat the oil, deep fry the chili cakes till golden. Drain to remove excess oil.

Serve while still hot, it's crunchy!
  • UncleDee
    UncleDee says

    Is this Vadai? Because I love vadai and if this is it I will make it this weekend

  • AmyDelight
    AmyDelight says

    Maybe it's how it's called in India, 'cause its from indian origins. It looks very similar, give it a try and let me know !

  • mishmash
    mishmash says

    i used to make my mom stop at a stall on our way home from school to get this. it's a little too spicy for me but i would endure the fire in my mouth for a taste of this super delicious treat. great photo, a very nice presentation...

  • AmyDelight
    AmyDelight says

    Thanks ! Try it, you can omit the chillies if you find it too spicy, its also nice!

  • skoch
    skoch says

    This looks great! Let me just check a fact: The split peas are soaked and mixed, but not boiled? How long do these little delights take to cook?

  • AmyDelight
    AmyDelight says

    Yes the split peas are soaked and blend not boiled.About 3 to 5 minutes till golden, both side.

  • turquloise
    turquloise says


  • edjex
    edjex says

    I've never seen these shaped into rings before, only as walnut-sized balls. Brings back happy memories of stopping at the roadside to get a bag of these along with some aubergine fritters. They'd always be gone by the time we got back to where we were staying! As a variation, you can use red lentils instead of the yellow split peas. It's not authentic and of course the texture is different but it is, nonetheless, still delicious.

  • Salma
    Salma says

    Like the recipe said its from Mauritius, one could say a tinge or Vadai in it, believe its beyond Vadai, on its own as a snack with bread and butter, cut into pieces mixed in a salsa, very Yummy that is all i can say..trying is believing..LOL

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