People are preparing a Thanksgiving meal.

Fall Produce in Season: Time to Get Cooking

Fall has officially arrived and now it is time for all of the colorfully nutritious and savory fall vegetables to take center stage, or at least the center of the table! With fall produce in season it is time for sauteeing, roasting, baking or grilling. There are just as many ways to cook the bounty of fall produce as there are varieties! Potatoes, squash, peppers, onions, mushrooms and even some fruits are still in full season and ready for eating! Let us check out a variety of fall produce’s main event!


They are always quick to steam, marinate or serve cold in a salad. Beets are a super food, easy to prepare and add a dense crunch to any meal!

Bell Peppers

Sliced, stuffed or sauteed, they create a colorful combination of red, green and yellow bells to dress up any meal or simply as a cold crunch to a salad or sandwich!


A favorite year round, broccoli is a favorite for roasting, sautéing or even on a crudité platter perfect for dipping!

Brussels Sprouts

This healthy little sprout has become popular all over again for its ease of cooking and mild flavor that goes with anything!


Green, red or purple, cabbage is a staple all year, but really stands out during the colder weather months. Sauerkraut with bratwurst or on a hot dog while watching the big game? Yes, please!


Carrots have come so far in the culinary world! Experiment with a variety of colors, perfect for adding to a roast, in a soup or lightly steamed with some butter and salt and pepper!


Try making cauliflower rice for a low carb alternative to rice. Again, one of the staples of a crudité platter for those last minute get togethers!


You cannot do Thanksgiving without that savory celery flavor in the stuffing! Celery adds a subtle sweetness to homemade broths and stocks too!


As the summer starts to wind down, corn is still making its debut. Sweetly flavored and crisp, corn is a must in any chowder, casserole or soup.


Fennel is a deeply savory root vegetable that has a slightly anise flavor. The entire bulb and leaves can be used and a little bit goes a long way. Use what you need and freeze the rest!


Now is the time of year for lots of garlic flavored goodies! Roasting garlic tempers the bite and softens it so it can be added to mashed potatoes!


The fall and upcoming holiday season are when figs start to appear. Wrapped in bacon or stuffed with blue cheese, figs are an elegant appetizer!


Red, green or purple, there are so many varieties of grapes that really herald the start of fall! Create a beautiful centerpiece with a variety of colorful grapes for guests to nosh on! Be sure to clip mini bunches so guests can get three or four on a stem at a time!


Like fennel, all portions of the leek can be used. Milder than onions, thinly sliced leeks can be sauteed and used as a topping on other vegetable dishes.


Now is the time to experiment with new varieties of mushrooms as they really take the stage during fall. Crimini, portobellos, enoki, even lobster mushrooms can be used interchangeably with regular mushrooms and add a little flair to any dish!

Onions and Shallots

So many varieties to choose from when selecting onions! Yellow and white onions are made for sauteeing or adding to a stock pot or roasting pan. Red onions are perfect thinly sliced or chopped for a salad or sandwich. Shallots have a sweeter, milder flavor when sauteed and topped onto a steak or mashed potatoes.


Nothing says fall like pears! Bosc, barltett, anjous, Asian and comice pears are the most popular and each variety has special qualities. Grab one of each and have your own private tasting to find your favorite!

Persimmons and Pomegranates

These fall favorites are perfect in a centerpiece, but they are notoriously famous for being messy to eat! Slice persimmons into rounds and fry in butter and coat with brown sugar for a quick fall snack. Cut a pomegranate in half and scoop out the seeds and use in a recipe or eat them right out of your hand!


Always a fall favorite, potatoes are not just for mashing anymore! Experiment with roasted fingerlings or new baby reds on a skewer on the grill at summer’s last BBQ!


This popular root veggie is mostly seen on the salad bar, but for a low carb option, try roasting them just like baby potatoes!

Sweet Potatoes and Yams

Surprise! What you have been calling a sweet potato is mostly a yam and vice versa! That sweet, orange colored veggie with the tough skins is a sweet potato! And a yam! Enjoy them roasted, mashed or sauteed!


Nothing truly ushers in the fall like squash, does it? There are two main varieties, summer and winter squash. Within those categories there are at least 16 edible varieties. Even more interesting is that the winter squash with the lighter, whiter flesh, is more flavorful than its summer counterparts. Make a creamy butternut squash soup or a pie with real pumpkin! You will always see a wide assortment of squash at any fall produce farmer’s market!