Yummy Quick Salad

- Cherry tomatoes - Fresh Mozzarella - Fresh Basil - Baby Greens - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Salt and Pepper
This is a great little salad that doesn't need too many ingredients. I've been taking it to work with me recently, and it really hits the spot. Delicious! 1. Tear some of your basil up. 2. Halve your cherry tomatoes (you could use regular ones but I prefer the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes to counter the bitterness of the rocket/greens). 3. Chop your mozzarella into nice managable chunks. 4. Mix it up a bit and season with salt and pepper. 5. Finish with a glug or two of olive oil. 6. Serve! In the picture above I've made a simple sandwhich with some parma ham/prosciutto and a crusty french baton; I've also done this salad with smoked salmon as well.