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What is Goldbelly?

We all know that food brings people together. But food is more than just sustenance for our bodies, as food can bring us comfort, help us create memories, shape new experiences and evoke emotions.

So, what is Goldbelly? Goldbelly is an online marketplace which sources the best food from across the country and ships it to your doorstep. Whether it is a specialty from an iconic place that has been around for decades or a new artisan place, Goldbelly can connect you with your favorite foods and have them delivered to your door.

Craving the best deep-dish pizzas from Chicago? Wanting to celebrate a birthday with the special cakes from Carlo's Bakery? Goldbelly has made it their mission to connect you with your favorite foods, no matter where you live.

Forget about relying only on local food deliveries — Goldbelly has gone above and beyond by creating a nationwide food delivery service. Now, you can satisfy any cravings you have or re-create the best food memories you have ever had.

What Does Goldbelly Offer?

Not only has Goldbelly become recognizable for delivering the classic American favorites to your door, but they have also come up with other ways to make your food experiences the best yet! With Goldbelly, you can have your favorite desserts, sandwiches and restaurant-quality meals delivered to your home. It does not end there — you can also prepare a dish in the comfort of your own home with one of the meal kits they offer or have special foods delivered to your loved ones. With Goldbelly, your food dreams can come true.

1. Food Items

Goldbelly has made it easy for you to satisfy your cravings, even when that craving is from a different state! From the famous Essa Bagel in New York, to the Over the Rainbow Cakes from Miami, or even the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, all your favorite foods are at your fingertips. At the click of a few buttons, you can order anything you fancy and have it come straight to you. While it is different from being at your most-loved bakery or restaurant, it is still a way for food lovers to reconnect with their favorite food memories.

2. Restaurant-Quality Cuisine

Why stop at single food items? Goldbelly can connect you with some of the best restaurants in the country, bringing you the tastes of memorable food experiences, no matter where you are. Why not indulge in Chef Daniels Boulud’s iconic cuisine or Chef Jose Andres’ famous Spanish cuisine? Maybe go for Chef Wolgang Pucks’ delicious creations. You no longer have to dream of dining at your favorite restaurant that is out of reach because Golbdelly can make it a reality.

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3. Meal Kits

Now, not all food delivered by Goldbelly has to be ready to eat. If you are looking to get into some cooking action, you can order meal kits and do some preparation yourself. For those big foodies out there, this type of experience is for you! How about the Lasagna Dinner Kit from Thacher and Rye? That is sure to hit those cozy comfort feelings. With meal kits, all the items are delivered straight to you with instructions that make the process fuss-free. Honestly, this is something I could get into as well.

4. Gifts for Special Occasions

Treating yourself with delicious foods is always a good idea, but why not show a little love to those you care about? Food is a way in which we all show love and care towards others. Who doesn't want to be delightfully surprised with a gift from the Treat House or Juniors Cheesecakes all the way from New York? Celebrate a birthday with Angel Food Bakery from Minneapolis or an anniversary with some special treats from Jacques Torres Chocolates. Imagine the surprise and the new memories you get to create.

5. Live Cookalongs

If you think Goldbelly has not thought of everything, then you are mistaken! With Goldbelly, you can engage in live cookalongs with some of America’s best chefs, pizza makers, bakers and more — all in the comfort of your own home and in real time. How amazing is that? These talented chefs and bakers will teach you how to make the perfect cookies, pizzas and even dumplings. What an exciting way to learn new skills and recreate those nostalgic, iconic and comforting foods in your own home.

6. Goldbelly TV

If you still have not had enough food to drool over, head over to Goldbelly TV where you can visually indulge and be spoiled with all the food content. Goldbelly has really gone one step further by providing you with inspiration from top chefs and bakers. See for yourself how some of America’s loved and iconic dishes are created and get a taste for what you can expect to be delivered to your front door.

So, Who is Goldbelly Good For?

Goldbelly is here for all foodies across America. Goldbelly has fulfilled a unique niche in the food world, which we did not know we were missing — a place where all food lovers can find that unique food experience they are looking for from any part of the country.

If you cannot get to your favorite restaurant in a faraway city, all you have to do is head over to Goldbelly, and with a few clicks, have the food come straight to you. Since everything else in this world has become only a click away, why not have your favorite foods be a click away as well?

Let's not forget about those amazing chefs and bakers who work hard to deliver America’s favorite foods. Goldbelly has helped many businesses connect with their customers across the country in this unique way.

While nothing is ever quite the same as making the trip yourself and enjoying these real-life experiences, Goldbelly can get you pretty close to the real deal!