A girl is taking a picture with her delicious dessert.

What is a Foodie?

You can turn on your television at any time of the day and find dozens of cooking and baking shows to inspire you in the kitchen. There has also been a rise in the number of cookbooks published, food subscription services and bespoke food tours at vacation destinations across the world. All of this means that food is big wherever you look and this is also why foodies is a word that you will see all over social media and beyond. But what is a foodie?

The Definition of a Foodie

You will have definitely heard the word foodie and will have noticed how more and more people are using the word, either in reference to themselves or others. The word foodie is a reference to those who are ardent fans of all things food. Being fanatical about food can include eating, cooking, baking and growing food, plus everything else food related that you can think of. Traditionally, if you were highly interested in food you may have been referred to as a gastronome or an epicure, but foodie is the word of choice in the modern world.

Foodies can often be mocked my the media or on social media as they can be seen to be pretentious when it comes to food, but the truth is anyone can be a foodie. Being a foodie is not always about dining out at fancy restaurants or shopping at farmers markets for the best organic meat, it is for all tastes and all ages.

Kings of the Foodie World

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the word foodie was coined and by whom, but food critic Paul Levy believes that it was he and fellow food writer Ann Barr who first used the term. Gael Greene, another foodie, appears to have used the word at around the same time so there is no definitive answer and, to be honest, hundreds of people around the world may have been using the word foodie.

These days there are food experts all around the world, from Michelin chefs to bloggers and Instagram food influencers. Some of the most popular foodies from around the world include:

Gordon Ramsey

Chef Ramsey has been on the food scene for decades but is still well known around the world through his books and television shows. He has influenced millions of people to cook.

Melissa Hei

Melissa, also known as Girl Eat World, is a well known traveling foodie who is a major hit on Instagram. Travelling foodies will often be found eating their way to the top for destinations around the world and providing images of food for their drooling followers.

Sarah Philips

With Instagram being one of the top places people go to get their food fix, influencer and food stylist Sarah Philips has one of the best social media streams right now.

Ella Woodward

Deliciously Ella is a popular food blog that documents one of the current food trends, clean eating. Ella publishes her own recipes as well as writing about chefs and restaurants from around the world that focus on healthy eating.

Michael Bauer

Michael is a former restaurant critic for the San Francisco Chronicle who is still highly revered and has a huge influence on where people eat throughout the world.

Signs you are a Foodie

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself that you could be a foodie, take a look at these classic signs that will confirm or deny your suspicions!

Where to Eat on Your Vacation is Just as Important as Where to Stay

If you find yourself researching good restaurants and food markets rather than the best hotels when planning a vacation, the chances are you are a foodie. Popular food destinations such as Los Angeles, Houston, Norway and Spain, all have foodie tours on offer for people who cannot get enough of local cuisine.

You Own More Cook Books Than Fiction Books

The sale of cookbooks has risen by over 30% in the last two years as more foodies are cooking at home rather than eating out. Foodies do love to dine out, whether it be at the newest restaurant on the scene or the hippest food truck in town, but they also love to cook in the style of their favorite chef.

You Have a Crush on That Cute Celebrity Chef

If you have a picture of Giada De Laurentiis or Tom Colicchio as your screensaver then you are hot for all things food. Celebrity chefs and food judges are hot property all around the word and are often as popular as musicians and film stars.

Your Birthday Wish List Reads Like You Are Starting a New Career in Catering

Foodies love gadgets, whether it be the latest Kitchen Aid accessory, spiralizers, coffee machines or baking molds. If you have to have the latest kitchen knife, just like a techie craves the latest video game, you are most definitely a foodie

You are Constantly on Hold for Restaurants

People fly all over the world to check out the best restaurants that are serving up the latest food trends. Some Michelin Star restaurants are booked up for months, if not years, in advance so you need to be quick to get your place. If you find yourself refreshing your browser for the millionth time or listening to Celine Dion on repeat while on hold for restaurants, you have it bad!

To some, your love of food may border on being excessive but you can’t help what you love. Have a fun time indulging in your current favorite foods.