Turkey Crumble with Leek, Garlic, and Red Pepper

-1 Leek, chopped -2 Cups of Ground turkey -Diced ginger -Diced garlic -1 very full tablespoon of Lee Kum Kee Chili Sauce -Mirin -Salt -A few leaves of boiled napa cabbage, for garnishing -White Rice
1. Brown ground turkey, ginger, and garlic in a pan or wok 2. Add a dash of mirin for extra flavor 3. Put turkey crumble out on plate, set aside. 4. Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in wok 5. Add in leek and turn around in wok until all pieces are coated with oil 6. Add turkey crumble 7. Stir in 1 large teaspoon of Lee Kum Kee chili sauce 8. Cook until leek is slightly wilted. 9. Serve over a bed of white rice