Soy Puff Panang Curry

About 5 Soy puffs
1 tsp Panang curry paste
Instant rice vermicelli (I typically break off a section that would fit between my thumb and forefinger if I’m making the “OK” hand gesture)
2 T coconut milk
Ground red pepper
Water, about a quarter cup or so
Start boiling water in your saucepan. While you wait for that, soak your rice noodles in coolish water. Now while you wait for that (mine usually takes about 5 minutes, if that), heat up two tablespoons of coconut milk in your wok along with a teaspoon of curry paste. Get that all nice and mixed up, and add a quarter cup of water to it and some crushed red pepper if you like things on the spicy side.  

Is your hot water boiling? Good, toss your soy puffs in there to blanch. The reason you do this is is to leech out the excess oil in these beauties. Soy puffs, being deep fried tofu, are really greasy if you don’t take this step. Also, being puffs, they will want to float to the top of your pot. I foil their plans by putting something on top of them, lately, a metal steam basket. I keep it real in the kitchen.

While you take a minute or two to blanch your puffs, drain the noodles and add them to the wok. Give it all a good stir, the mixture will probably become pretty dry at this point so feel free to add more water to make it soupy again. The puffs are gonna soak up a lot of the sauce.

Speaking of those puffs, now you can add them. Stir it all up, but you’re basically done cooking at this point, it’s now just a matter of sauce being soaked into the noodles and puffs. “Puff” is starting to not look like a word anymore. Transfer it all to a bowl or plate, sprinkle with fresh basil and enjoy!