Slow scrambled eggs with goat cheese, bacon and cherry tomato

- 2 med eggs, beaten - bacon lardons - 3 cherry tomatoes, halved - goat cheese - salt to taste
1. Heat small non-stick saucepan 2. Add bacon lardons, saute until lightly browned 3. Add cherry tomatoes 4. Remove bacon and tomatoes from saucepan when tomatoes warmed and softened 5. Reserve bacon drippings in saucepan for eggs, use butter if insufficient 6. Turn heat down to low, allow pan to cool 7. Add beaten eggs and stir gently and continuously until soft curds form but still fairly liquid 8. Stir in goat cheese 9. Remove from heat when almost set, egg should have soft, custardy consistency 10. Serve with bacon and tomato You can top with chives or sprinklings of paprika or fresh ground pepper Variations: smoked salmon, ham