Schiacciata with robiola cheese & cherry tomatoes

(serves 1)

- a piece of schiacciata bread or you can use any other type of bread you like (the size depends on how hungry you are! :);
- robiola cheese (or cream cheese);
- rings of red onion;
- cherry tomatoes (enough to "cover" the piece of bread surface);
- salt, fresh grounded pepper and poppy seeds;
- extravirgin olive oil.
Spread the robiola cheese on the piece of bread.

Then place the onion rings and cherry tomatoes on it.

Sprinkle salt, fresh grounded pepper and poppy seeds.

Complete with a drop of extravirgin olive oil.

Put the sheet with the "sandwich" in the oven (180/200 degrees) until the cherry tomatoes are tender.

(Note: next time I'll try to bake the bread dough with the other ingredients because I think it would be perfect for the cherry tomatoes cooking time)