saffron and fennel risotto with tuna

the risotto: - arborio rice - a shallot - olive oil - prosecco - vegetable stock - fennel - parmesan - butter - pepper - salt the tuna: - tuna steak - lemonjuice - chili - pepper - salt - olive oil radicchio and balsamic vinegar with rock candy as decoration
- marinate tuna in lemon juice, olive oil, chili and pepper - slice fennel, dice shallot - reduce balsamic vinegar with a small amount of rock candy - decorate radicchio on a plate and dress with balsamic reduction - sauté shallot cubes - add abrorio rice and sauté - add prosecco and stock bit by bit, stir and allow to reduce - add fennel and saffron - sear tuna - stir in butter and parmesan shavings to risotto - arrange risotto and tuna on a plate - enjoy