Rose Scented Cupcake

Makes 12 Cupcakes Cupcake - 125g self-raising flour - 125g soft unsalted butter - 125g sugar - 40g white chocolate - 2 eggs - 1tsp rose water - 2tbs milk Icing - 300g dark chocolate - 50g butter Optional For Decorations - white chocolate - edible rose petals
I finally went to this shop that sells pretty much everything you need for baking :D And they sell rose petals ! I'm not too fond of rose scented food, but this is an exception as the petals are just so pretty. If you like rose scented foods, you can add more rose water, just remember to then reduce the amount of milk you add in (or you'll have runny mix ;D). 1. Pre-heat oven to 200 C 2. In a food processor, combine everything except the milk. 3. Blitz until smooth, then add in the milk and pulse just to combine. 4. Spoon into cupcake cases and bake until slightly golden brown. 5. Let the cupcakes cool before covering them with the icing. 6. To make icing : place the chocolate and butter in a bowl, and melt on a double boiler.