RamG Hainanese Steamed Chicken Rice

For the chicken stock 500gm of chicken feet or bones 2litre of water For the rice 3cups long grain rice 2tbsp chicken fat 2tbsp water 3cmginger grated 4garlic cloves grated 2tsp salt or to taste 3 ½cup chicken stock, or according to rice package 2screwpine leaves For the Chicken 1whole chicken Water, enough for boiling chicken 1piece thumb sized ginger, smashed 5garlic cloves, peeled and smashed slightly 1tsp salt 1tsp chicken stock 1carrot sliced 4bunch spring onion 4tbsp sesame oil Chilli garlic sauce for dipping 10fresh red chillies 2cmginger 4garlic cloves ¼tsp salt 1tsp lime juice 2tbsp chicken stock Ginger sauce for dipping 75gmginger 6garlic cloves ½tsp salt 1tsp lime juice 2tbsp chicken stock Sauce for chicken 1tbsp garlic oil 1tbsp sesame oil 5tbsp light soya sauce 1 ½tbsp sugar (to taste) 3tbsp chicken stock Garnishing Fresh coriander leaves Sliced spring onions Sliced cu...
First start preparing the stock. Simmer the chicken feet or bones for about 2 hours in the stated amount of water. By the time the stock is ready for use, ensure that there about 1.5 litres left after evaporation of the water during simmering. This makes the stock more concentrated and thus more effective. If this stock is used then the need for chicken concentrate or powder is not necessary Next wash the rice then place it on to a tea towel or colander to dry. Then, prepare the chicken. Chop the carrots and the ginger, bruise the garlic and tie the spring onion into a knot. Throw all those into sizeable pot filled with enough water to drown the chicken. Add chicken stock and bring it to boil. Meanwhile, rub salt all over the chicken. Bring enough water to boil in a large pot. Once boil, add in the chicken. Lower the heat and cook chicken for about 20 - 25 minutes, uncovered. It is very important to boil the chicken very slowly over low flame. Turn of flame and cover the pot. Allow the chicken to steep inside for another 20-25 minutes. Remove chicken and immerse it into a basin of cold water for 5-6 minutes. Take chicken out and drain in a colander to drip dry and spread sesame oil all over the chicken before the skin turns a shade of dark. And now you can cut it into serving pieces.