"French" Toast Recipe

"French" Toast


  • Bread (cheapest grocery store brand)
  • Eggs
  • Pancake syrup (not maple syrup, please!)
  • Lard
  • Some spices like cinammon or cayenne

How to make "French" Toast

  1. Turn the pan on up to highest.
  2. Cook the eggs with the bread until it's kind of light in color.
  3. It's important if you use lard because butter will burn (and its expensive).
  4. If you don't beat the eggs first then it won't work right.
  5. Oh and dip the eggs in with the bread before you cook.
  6. Then, put on some spices like cinnammon or honey!
  7. That's it, now eat!

As you see, you can eat this with a glass of grapefruit juice as I have done here.

  • delicious
    delicious says

    Oh one extra expert's tip! The success of your dish depends in no small part on the quality of the china you serve it on. The Seiko mug is from when the old lady in the apartment across the street died and her children put all her dishes out on the curb. The Wedgwood serviceware is from Macy's.

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