Peanut Milk + Red bean spread

*** Peanut Milk *** - Raw Peanuts (organic) - Roll Oats (I like: Old wessex's 100% natural 5 grain cereal: looks like oat meal but mixed with oats, rye, triticale, barley + golden flax) *** Potato Mix*** - One red potato - Half onion - Minced Garlic - sausage (or sub with vegan stuff, but i do prefer real meat heehee ) - Cheese (I like mozzarella cheese) - Firm tofu - Lime, Salt, Black pepper, Paprika + Olive oil *** Bread Spread *** - Red kidney bean (or Chicpeas are nice as well) - Mayo (get the real stuff) - Tuna (I hate the ones in water, this is made with tuna in extra virgin olive oil) - Half onion
This is actually a super easy + fast recipe. Tools needed for this recipe: 1 small bowl, chop board, knife, coffee grinder, a container jar or small tupperware, small pot + pan *** Peanut Milk *** 1. grab a hand full of raw peanuts and oats put into coffee grinder 2. In a small pot, fill it with filtered water and dump in (1) 3. Let it cook till it becomes milky then it's ready to drink *** Potato Mix *** 1. dicing up the following; potato, onion, sausage, tofu (dice one onion use half for potato, half for bread spread) 2. in a pan, add oil and onion, cook till it smells good 3. add potato and sausage, cook till potato is soft and sausage is cooked 4. add in tofu, salt, black pepper + paprika, cook for very short time 5. turn off heat spread cheese on top, it's ready to serve 6. try some lime juice with it *** Bread Spread *** 1. in coffee grinder (it's amazing how handy those things are) grind; bean, mayo + diced onion(use the left over from potato mix) 2. dump into a small bowl and mix in tuna(sans the oil) 3. that's all! it's ready to spread, also keep the extras in a air tight jar or small tupperware box for Monday's breakfast. * For the spread I generally make two little boxes of them one with chicpeas'aka hummus' the other with red beans * For the Peanut Milk I also grind two batches to keep in jars, one with raw peanut the other with raw soybeans'aka soymilk', and keep the powder in airtight jars * That way over the 5 work days I'll have an easy time eating healthy breakfast