Parmesan and Chili Fries

- 6-8 Large Potatoes - Oil for deep frying - Parmigiano Regianno - Chili Flakes - Fresh Parsley - Salt and White Pepper
I made these fries to go with the Baked Meatball Hamburger I made (see my other recipe). They were delicious. The secret to a crispy french fry is cooking them twice. The first frying cooks the chip and drives off the water. The second frying crisps them and leaves you with a deliciously crispy fry. 1. Peel the potatoes and reserve in a large bowl of cold water. Slice the peeled potatoes in french fries and return back to the cold water to soak. 2. When you are ready to fry drain the fries and dry them well on a tea towel. Heat the oil in a deep fryer to 160C and deep fry the fries in batches until half done. Cooked through but pale and soggy looking. Remove from oil, drain and cool for 20 minutes. 3. While the fries are cooling finely dice the parsley, freshly grate about 2 tablespoons of parmigiano reggiano and mix all together with a tablespoon of chili flakes. 4. Reheat the oil to 190C and add the fries back in until they brown and crisp. Drain again and toss with salt, white pepper and the parmesan, chili, and parsley mix. Don't add too much salt because the cheese is salty too. Serve this with the Baked Meatball Hamburger for a decadent public holiday lunch at home. Serves 4.