My style of indo mee

~ 1 pkt of indo mee (instant)
~ 1 no. of iceberg lettuce
~ 10gm anchovies
~ pepper powder
~ scallop sauce
~ 200gm minced fish meat
~ 1 no of egg
~ 4 spoon corn floor
~ 2 spoon of lea perrie soy sauce
~ pepper powder
~ parsley flake
~ 200gm bread crumb

~ oil

~ mixed (C) all together, mixed them well set aside
~ heat up oil on pan, use spoon to scoop the meat into ball size put on pan to fry till golden brown colour

~ heat up oil on wok, put anchovies fry till golden colour, add on lettuce and then add on scallop sauce & pepper powder for seasoning

~ boil a pot of hot water, set the instant noodle inside boil for 2 min, toss the noodle with pre-mixed powder.

~ Voila, set all in a big bowl, noodle is ready to serve!