My Grandma’s secret meat sauce


This is my grandma’s famous signature meat sauce. It is wonderful.

* 2 cups of ground pork * 2 cups of fish meat (swordfish) * 2 cups of squid * 1 cup of shallots (chopped) * 1 cup of dried shrimp * 1 cup of Chinese dried mushroom * 1/4 cup of oil * 1/4 cup of dried red onion * 1 cup of soy sauce * some sugar, sesame oil
  1. fry shallots in oil. Add dried shrimp. Cook until fragrant.
  2. add pork, fish and soy sauce.
  3. add dried red onion, squid and mushroom.
  4. add some sugar and sesame oil when all ingredients are cooked. (this could be salty, add water accordingly.)