Miang Kham ( Spicy betel leaf snacks )


Chopped Shallots


Thai chillis sliced thinly ( de seeded)

Roasted shredded coconut

Small lime ( with skin on) cubed

Dried shrimp


Please dont take this as the genuine sauce because i just added ingredients to suit, pounded it all up in a pestle n mortar and lo and behold...it was awesome.

1 chopped shallot

1 piece of galangal

1 piece of fresh ginger

1 tbsp shrimp paste

1 tbsp dried shrimps

2 tbs shredded roasted coconut

1 small cup of water

1/2 a cup of brown sugar and a little palm sugar

Lettuce or Betel leaves or even spinach leaves




Its really cold here in the English lake district at the moment ( dec 09 ) so definitely not the weather for this starter i knocked up tonight.Still i couldn`t resist trying it out after i sampled the "real deal" at Jim thompson house in Bangkok a couple of weeks ago.

Prepare all the filling ingredients

For the dressing, bash everything up in a pestle and mortar until a paste consistency is reached

boil the water with the sugars until dissolved and add the paste

Reduce until sticky and syrupy then cool

To serve

Spoon small amounts of each of the filling ingredients into a lettuce leaf and top with a spoonful of sauce , wrap up and eat in one go

Let those flavours flow ;-)