Japa-Cana Wasabi-Maple Ahi Tuna

- Garlic - Onion - Salt - Pepper - Sake - Dijon Mustard - Soy Sauce - Maple Syrup - Wasabi - Ahi Tuna Steak - Honey (optional) - Ginger (optional) - Brown Sugar (optional)
Japa-Cana? Japanese Wasabi & Canadian Maple Syrup! This makes for a very quick 5 minute meal that tastes great. Unless you're lucky to get it fresh you'll want to make sure you thaw out your frozen Ahi Tuna steak ahead of time. First we'll make the sauce, it really is just to taste so as a rough guide for my one steak this ended up with way too much sauce/marinade. To get a nice thick sauce that will crust easy mix in a bowl: 1. Maple syrup - approx 5 table spoons 2. Dijon Mustard - approx 1 table spoon 3. Sake - 1 tea spoon 4. Soy - 1 table spoon 5. Garlic - 1/2 tea spoon minced/pureed 6. Onion - 1/2 tea spoon minced/pureed 7. Ginger (optional) - 1/2 tea spoon minced/pureed 8. Salt - couple of dashes 9. Pepper - a few more dashes 10. Wasabi (adjust according to taste) - 1 1/2 table spoons Set this bowl aside. With the Ahi Tuna steak: 1. Season with salt & pepper initially on either side 2. Heat up a pan on high heat, we are going to sear the Tuna to keep all the flavor in. 3. Quickly sear either side of the steak for approximately 30 seconds. 4. Lather on copious amounts of the Wasabi-Maple sauce and let the sugars in the sauce caramelize and crust Because the Tuna cooks quickly keep an eye on the side of the fish as it cooks it will turn white and progress towards the middle. As a compliment I laid mine atop a bed of pureed spinach with cous cous. Both of which once immersed in boiling water cook within 30 seconds to a minute making for an extremely speedy, delicious, and healthy dinner. Compliment with a nice Riesling wine.