Guanaja chocolate mousse, bisquit de chocolat, hazelnut prailine, amaretto creme brulee

-Guanaja chocolate -creme anglaise -whipped cream -cocoa powder -egg whites -powdered egg whites -guanaja chocolate -egg yolks -caster sugar -frangelico -amaretto liquor -fresh creme brulee mix -gelatin -hazelnuts, caramelized -hazelnut prailine 60/40 -pastry cream -gelatin
This is a birthday cake I made for one of my best friends. He likes dark chocolate and hazelnuts. I made an amaretto creme brulee in the middle because it really accents the other flavors. 1. For the amaretto creme brulee: Heat the creme brulee to 38C. Add the melted gelatin, frangelico, and amaretto. Mix well and strain. Pour in disks and freeze. 2.For the bisquit de chocolat: Melt the chocolate to 45C. Beat the butter with cocoa powder and sugar until thick. Set aside. Whisk the egg whites with egg powder. At soft peaks add caster sugar then continue to hard peaks. Add the melted chocolate to the butter mixture followed by the meringue. Bake in a 350F oven for 18 minutes. Remove from heat, cool and cut in same size rounds as the middle ingredients. Freeze. 3. For the Hazelnut prailine: Heat the pastry cream to 50C. Add the hazelnut prailine and gelatin. pour into molds and freeze 4. For the chocolate mousse: Heat the chocolate to 50C and emulsify with the creme angaise also at 50C. Add the whipped cream at 10C, emulsify a small amount of cream to the mousse followed by the rest. 5. Assembly: Place the frozen bisquit on a silpat in the middle of a ring with acetate paper. Top with hazelnut prailine and then the amaretto creme brulee. Pour in the liquid chocolate mousse and set in the freezer overnight. 6. Decorate with chocolate glacage and any other chocolate design preferred. 7. Give it to your friend for their birthday.