Extremely Easy Tuna Salad

-Romaine lettuce -Cherry Tomatoes -Sliced Red onion -Cheese -1 small packet Tuna -Salad Dressing -Fresh Ground Pepper
Ever since my friend brought a bottle of Newman's Italian Salad Dressing, this is what i've been eating for the past few weeks...aside from washing the veggies, it only takes a couple minutes to prepare. Mix all veggies to the proportion of your liking to a large bowl. For the cheese, I used pepper jack cheese diced into small bits. But i guess any cheese is okay. Dump single serving packet of tuna into bowl. Add about 2 tablespoons of dressing. Add in fresh ground pepper. Finally, mix mix away and serve~ It's that simple! Optional: I like to add fresh sliced pear instead of the cheese...but didn't go to grocery store, so no pears in this picture :(