Egg and Uni Sakai

For 8 Eggs:

8 eggs (the bigger the better)
4 pieces fresh uni (sea urchin roe)
Bread, sliced

Curry Sabayon Sauce:
1 t. curry (or to taste)
3 T. Fish fumé or seafood stock
2 egg yolks
1/2 cup whipping cream, whipped

This recipe is inspired by a dish I saw the Iron Chef French (坂井 宏行) prepare for a sea urchin roe battle on the original Iron Chef show. I don't know if it's Iron Chef caliber, but it is delicious.

Allez cuisine!

First cut the tops off the eggs by gently sawing with a knife until it is almost through and the finally, cutting along the completed indentation.

Pour off some of the egg white to make room for the uni and sabayon sauce before steaming. If you lack some sort of appliance to keep the eggs upright in a steamer, you can mold 'nests' out of tinfoil, as I did. Cook until the egg begins to resemble a soft-boiled status. You definitely want a runny yolk.

Meanwhile toast or pan-fry strips of bread in a generous amount of butter and make the sabayon sauce by stirring the curry powder, egg yolks and fumé or stock over very low heat until the mixture is smooth. Fold the liquid into the whipping cream and your sauce is done.

Once the eggs are cooked, fill the remainder of the shell with 1/2 a piece of uni and pour over the sauce. At this point you can broil the tops of the sauce for a nice effect, but I did not in the batch pictured.

Serve in egg cups with the toast "soldiers" to dip with.