Couscous + Baked chicken spinach cheese wrap

Couscous in a box
Chicken breast strips
Cheese of your choice
black pepper
Dijon mustard
Fresh mint


This is basically the get out of the kitchen fast and yum recipe I like to cook it alot during summer, that way I don't have to stand by the hot stove forever.

- cook Couscous according to box, for health reason I'd cut back on the spice package by half.
- when Couscous is cooked set aside to cool add lemon juice and fresh mint leaves, mix well with a spoon/fork

- take out the chicken breast strips, at this point the strips might still be too thick so use a sharp knife and slice one strip into two

- smear on dijon mustard, a few spinach and a thin slice of cheese, then wrap up the chicken into a tight roll

- in a baking pan add some olive oil , place chicken wrap into the pan, brush some oil on the chicken, add some black pepper, then bake at 400 for about 10 min/ when chicken turns into a nice color

That's all, if you make the chicken wrap smaller it's actually a great finger food, can also use other meat to wrap, back home we used to use beacon like lamb strips to wrap :) it's really yum!