Chocolate mini fondue

*can't take a better pic of the fondue >_< norman keeps pointing at it! and sorry bout the sideway pic...I dont know how to fix it... and I didn't use the chocolate + oil method. I don't want those kids to have a stomach ache o.O - Chocolate (used milk chocolate because mostly kids) - Heavy Cream - Water - Sugar - Vanilla extract Dippers! - Green apples~ they LOVE em! - Strawberries - Oranges - Marshmellows - Pound Cake - Grapes - Pineapples (use anything that taste good w/ chocolate)
1. Melt chocolate in double boiler. 2. Add everything else. 3. Turn off heat when smooth 4. Pour into foudue. Turn on machine + heat 5. Dip w/ fruits, marshmellows, pound cakes. And beware of kids! *I made 3 pots of chocolate. That's like...almost 100 ounces o.O they finish em so fast.