Chocolate Fondue Tart

-6 Store bought tart shells. Or you can make your own tart shells. Bake according to direction. Cool. -250mL (half this carton) of 35% whipping cream. -Half a pack of semi sweet if you dont like sweetness , or milk chocolate. (I prefer milk chocolate because it gives it more flavour!) -Strawberries or any kind of fruit you prefer. A few to decorate/snack on in the process of making or chopped in to little pieces and put in tart. - A little sprinkles to decorate with - A little powder sugar to decorate with - a little white chocolate, melted to decorate with - anything you want to add to decorate. - bailey/an alcohol you like to flavor
I absolutely love chocolate fondue and thats what I came up with this recipe. Chocolate is everything's best friend, especially fruit. I only eat berries with chocolate. The sour taste of berries mix with the sweet taste of chocolate, makes big contrast. This recipe can be vary and decorated to anything you like. Its only limited by your imagination and maybe whats in your cupboard. This is the first version I made so .... maybe I will upload more when i try different variety! 1. Beat cream until its thick. About 5~10 minutes. 2. Melt chocolate and add it to the cream. Mix Well. (This is also my secret special recipe for any kind of chocolate mousse. It can be use in cakes(recipe and pictures coming soon), go with milkshakes, icecream, whatever you like! 3. Add a little Bailey or alcohol of your choice. (optional) 4. Chill the mousse in the fridge until its not as runny, in a mousse form (uh huh hence..chocolate mousse :p) THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT! i always forget this step so it turns out...well .. still yummy but not pretty. Mousse is easier when its less runny. 5. Clean up and cut the strawberries/decorate plate/scoop a little mousse and dip strawberries and eat it while i'm not looking (cough cough), whatever :p Go online and blog haha, make dinner. 6. OR meanwhile melt a little more chocolate, and brush a thin layer onto the tart. 7.When the mousse is FINALLY solid, scoop the cream onto tart and fill about half the tart. 8.Put on your choice of fruits and decorations. Ta da , I only used sprinkles and powder sugar for this batch. Other stuff I use didnt turn out too nice. for pictures of progress.. go thru my link to my blog ^^