Chicken Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms in whitewine and truffle oil.

Chicken Thigh skinless fillets Fresh Tagliatelle pasta Nice white wine A collection of mushrooms: oyster mushrooms, shitake, regular small button mushrooms, large wild shrooms. Garlic. French Onion soup mix (powdered) Saffron. Good quality Truffle oil. Good quality bacon chives to garnish.
Slowly boil rustically-cut chicken thigh fillets. (I usually leave it on low heat for half an hour or until the chicken is soft and can be easily torn apart). I don't know why this tastes better with chunkier pieces of chicken but it does? Fry up some finely diced bacon until brown and crispy. The whitewine mushroom sauce: Slowly sweat the cut mushrooms in some olive oil and add in chopped garlic. Add pepper, then one or two cups of white wine. Here's the secret: now add in some powdered french onion soup mix. This adds a great amount of flavor compared to using ordinary chicken stock. Add a pinch of saffron powder or 2-3 saffron sprigs. Let reduce. Add in freshly cooked tagliatelle and chicken pieces. Add salt and pepper to taste. Finish up by slowly drizzling in good quality extra virgin olive oil and a dash of the truffle oil. Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve. This dish smells fantastic! Serve with extra soupy sauce on the bottom of the plate, and then finalize with quick drizzle of the olive oil.