Burgundy rice dessert

1/2 cup whole grain black glutinous rice
1 cup white glutinous rice 

Palm sugar (Gula malacca)

A variation of the South-East Asian delight, Pulut hitam (black sticky rice pudding), this recipe makes a lighter alternative ideal for a quick breakfast or mid-afternoon wholesome treat with a delightful chewy texture.

Mixing the black and white glutinous rice results in the deep burgundy/reddish color of the dessert, a natural color of the rice and not an additive.

  1. Rinse the black and white glutinous rice separately. Soak overnight (separately) in a bowl for softer texture. Use a bigger bowl to allow for rice to expand.
  2. To cook, replace the water to the same height of the rice. Steam the rice. You can combine both black and white glutinous rice in one bowl for steaming.
  3. After approx 10 min, sprinkle more water into the rice and a little salt and steam for another 10 min or until desired softness.
When the rice is steaming, place the palm sugar in a saucepan with some water (just a bit will do) and heat until the sugar melts into a thick syrup. Trickle the syrup over your rice serving.

A healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth!