Big Mamma’s Sassy Sauce

- 1 gallon fresh garden tomatoes (whole sweet cherry tomatoes will also do nicely) -1 med green sweet pepper -1 med red or yellow sweet pepper -2 med yellow onions -opt: 2 hot peppers (your choice of heat and variety) -1 Tbs course salt -1/4 tsp fresh grind white pepper -1/4 tsp ground fresh cardamon -1 qt white or apple vinegar (herbal borage vinegar adds a wonderful layer of flavor) -2 qt sugar or to taste
This recipe was handed down through our family from my great-gram. She whipped up this sauce to preserve the freshness of her summer garden tomatoes for winter time eating. 1. Coursely chop the tomatoes, seeded - demembraned peppers and onions in food processor. 2. Put vege's into heavy stockpot. 3. Add seasonings, spices and vinegar. 4. Stir in sugar. 5. Bring all ingredients to boil on top of stove. Partially cover pot with offset lid. 6. Turn down heat and slo-o-o-wly boil down, reducing over several hours. Stir sauce every hour or so. You'll know it's done when the sauce glazes. This sauce can be preserved in glass jars with suction seal lids and rings. Use the covering boiling water method. The sauce can be used as a meat side, mixed into salad dressings, drizzled over rice or slathered on top of toast.