yuuuuuuuuuumy cream cheese cake

* 250g malg biscuits * 150g butter * 2tbsp gelentin * 2cup boil water * 50g gelly mix * 500g fresh cream * 500g cream cheese * 1/2 cup sugar
warning, this will turn out to be a HUGE cake if u follow the exact amount listed, do reduce the amount or do a trial to get the size u desire. 1* break the biscuit into very fine pieces, add melted butter, press firm on it then fridge it. 2* melt the gelly mix with 1 cup boil water, add gelatine and the other cup of hot water. 3* beat up the fresh cream to the normal fresh cream status and add cream cheese with sugar. 4* mix 2 into 3 with its cooled. 5* pour the mix into the fridged biscuit bottom. p.s. i left out the biscuit bottom part cos i got no buuter, but its still good. but just remember to put saran wrap of something before pouring the mix, so its easy to take it out. p.s. can make it into a normal size cake (say 8 inch), or small ones like i did. p.s. can use flavoured gelly mix like strawberry, and can add fresh strawberry into the mix so flavour up the cake.